Rhythm of Change

Rhythm of Change

Inspiring a youth movement in Africa    


Around the world there are areas with exceptionally high rates of youth violence. ROC believes what’s missing are constructive avenues for youths to build respect for themselves and others. ROC is a social enterprise that aims to uplift communities by engaging young people to create music. This provides areas to record, produce and perform music to a global audience. 


It was important that this brand looked approachable for the youth target audience and credible for its supporters - Universal Music Group and The Peapod Foundation (set up by The Black Eyed Peas). Taking references from graffiti, the ‘spark’ was turned into a graphic mark that grew and changed, creating a sense of rhythm wherever it appeared. 


A flexible graphic approach that captures rhythm and freedom has allowed ROC to not only reach its target audience but get sponsorship from some industry heavyweights. 

concept creation