SEO Experiment

SEO Experiment

We attracted more than 1500 unique users in four days.


The SEO experiment had a twofold purpose. Firstly, whilst our site underwent a redesign, we needed a holding page. Secondly we wanted to improve Nalla’s own Google ranking by taking advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 


We devised and developed the concept of a holding page that would conform to Google’s page ranking requirements. It became apparent that design also plays an important role in SEO. We believed that a beautifully designed site, careful information architecture and well-written copy would attract users and therefore increase SEO. 

To test this theory we designed a holding page that incorporated illustrated real time Google analytics, to display an up-to-date information feed on stats about the site. The aim was to see (and demonstrate) whether following SEO advice and/or design really affected our Google ranking. To make the test fair we needed a control. In week one, a basic non-designed holding page was set up following all the guidelines that improve SEO. In week two the same information in a well-designed version went live.


Both sites were up for four weeks. We were averaging around 15 visits a day to the non-designed page, which rose to 400 visits per day when the designed page went live. Overall we had 1500+ unique visits. When searching in Google for ‘Design Studio Hoxton’, Nalla appears on page one. Our hypothesis that good design would increase SEO is true, and we now apply what we learnt to our clients websites.