Waltham Forest College

Waltham Forest College

An AJ Retrofit Awards 2012 Finalist    


The college gained funding for a regeneration project that involved renovations to the Reception, Library and Cafes. Our task was to bring the college to life through rebranding and interior graphics. The college wanted to keep their logo so we worked on placing this in a prominent position. 


Waltham Forest College isn’t about just studying a subject, their students gain life skills such as being part of a team and respecting others. We reflected this in the new identity, by surveying a section of students and using their answers to inform the colour balance of an infographic chart. Depending on the answers given the chart changed, providing a fluid system that changes and evolves. 


With the new rebranding up and the architecture looking stunning, the combined visual impact created a really great atmosphere to work and learn in. A reminder to all of the immense power of good design. Credits to Platform 5 architectsRichard Hopkinson architects

concept creation

interior graphics

moving image installations